Are you looking to increase your returns and diversify your agricultural portfolio?

Building on our reputation covering agricultural commodities news and analysis, Agrimoney is pleased to be able to bring you our Investment Forum.  Focussing on the investment story within the agricultural space and how you can raise capital, deploy funding and generate returns.

Whether you are a seasoned agri investor wanting to know what’s happening in the industry, what’s new and exciting or a new investor wanting to evaluate the opportunities for investment this is the event for you!

A huge amount of time goes into the programming of our events. Our research team spend hundreds of hours putting together the programmes & making sure we secure the very best speakers!

All this means that we can deliver the very best programme for you.

How to raise capital, deploy funding and generate returns within the agrisector

DAY ONE: 14 June 2016

08:30 Registration and Morning Refreshments

08:45 Opening Remarks from the Chair  

            John Giles, Chair, The Institute of Agricultural Management

The Big Picture – Agri Investment Trends and Strategy

09:00 Keynote session: Predictions and analysis – what does the next five years hold for agri trade and investment?  

 Jonathan Kingsman, Author: The Sugar Casino

09:30 Global food production and consumption – prediction and analysis of trends

  • A realistic look at end markets and the forecasted consumption patterns of growing economies like China, India and Africa
  • What does the growing middle class mean for the future of grain consumption and diary production?
  • Examining the impact of future production and consumption trends on long-term investment

David Hightower, The Hightower Report

10:00 Roundtable discussions

Splitting into 4 roundtable discussions, you will get an ideal opportunity to discuss the bigger themes to be explored later in the agenda.  This will give a unique opportunity to discuss in more detail the concerns, challenges and opportunities that you are finding within each of these areas.  This will also give you the chance to network and meet like-minded peers in the agri space.  Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to set the scene for the rest of the agenda.

  • Roundtable 1: Managing investment risk and market volatility
  • Roundtable 2: Investing in farmland
  • Roundtable 3: Investment into agri innovation
  • Roundtable 4: Agribusiness investment strategy

10:30 Morning refreshments and networking break

11:15 Panel discussion: Mapping the agri investment landscape – a holistic view of agri supply chain opportunities

  • Why investing in agriculture isn’t about the commodities – understand where the money is really coming from and what the opportunities are for investors
  • Framing the asset classes – debating the pros and cons of different asset classes and the potential returns
  • Evaluating risk and reward and understanding the investment life-cycle of agri investments
  • Addressing the disconnect between traditional investments and agri investments – why traditional investment methods don’t translate to the same returns in the agri space
  • Evaluating the influencing factors:  risk factors, geo-political and macroeconomic conditions, uncertainty and market volatility
  • What to know when investing in volatile markets – why investing in agri is more than just a stable hedge against inflation

David Gray, Partner, Altima Partners
Martin Robinson, Chairman, UK Agricultural Land Fund, Brooks Macdonald  
Henry Wilkes, CEO, InvestAg

12:00 Panel discussion: What are the best sustainable investment asset managers doing right?

This session helps you take advantage of the best sustainable agriculture investment opportunities available to you to strengthen your portfolio. The aim is to understand the available strategies and the merits of each to your long term investment objectives. Investors will debate the merits of different investment strategies in a bid to establish the best long term investment solution for you. Assess the risk & return profiles of current investment strategies to help you make the right investment decision.

Roberta Benedetti del Rio, Director, Generation Investment Management
Paul McMahon, Managing Partner, SLM Partners LLP
Adam Gibbon, Chief Technical Officer, Althelia Ecosphere

12:45 Networking Lunch

Risk Management and Diversification Strategies

14:00 How to create diversified portfolios and mitigate risk factors in your agriculture exposure

  • Trends in volatility of agricultural commodities
  • How does volatility of agricultural commodities compare to agricultural equities?
  • How do investors navigate volatility to achieve optimal returns?
  • Returns, correlations and valuation considerations

Skye Macpherson, Director, Blackrock

14:30 How to structure successful exits when liquidity is tough

  • Understanding your risk profile
  • What determines a successful exit strategy? Considering macro; micro and cost structures
  • Risk perception vs risk reality
  • How to generate appropriate risk adjusted returns when dealing with ags

David Gray, Partner, Altima Partners

15:00 Afternoon refreshments

Emerging Market Analysis

15:30 Argentina – exploring the opportunity for investment due to political and regulatory changes

  • How have changes in the political landscape favoured investment into the agri space?
  • How to access this regions potential and navigate the investment landscape
  • Is partnering the key to risk mitigation and policy compliance?
  • Understanding the potential for investment across the supply chain and how this will translate into on-the-ground returns

Rafael Aliaga, Chief Executive Officer, Man Agro S.A  

16:00 Case study: Ukraine – gaining investor confidence in  periods of market volatility

  • How to mitigate risk in periods of market volatility
  • Gaining back investor confidence
  • Strategies for attracting investment – why diversification is key

Zelko Erzeg, Chief Operations Officer, Astarta-Kyiv, Ukraine
Mykola Kovalski, Chief Strategy Officer, Astarta-Kyiv, Ukraine 

16:30 Close of Day One

16:35 Drinks Reception

DAY TWO: 15 June 2016

08:30 Registration and Morning Refreshments

08:45 Opening Remarks from the Chair

AgriBusiness Investment Strategy

09:00 Case Study:  The real investment story – how to achieve lateral and vertical integration of the agribusiness supply chain

  • Identifying potential acquisitions and JV’s across the value chain
  • Structuring JV’s to lower costs and protect profits
  • Creating risk adverse portfolios
  • Currency risk considerations for operating in emerging markets
  • What to consider when doing due diligence processes and taking a longer term view on investments
  • Execution – deployment of funds and evaluation of returns

Prof Dr Julian Voss, Member of the Supervisory Board, KTG Agrar SE

09:30 The role of family owned enterprises and financial partners in delivering healthy returns

  • Understanding how supply chain integration is changing the investment landscape
  • Aligning stakeholder interest and creating clarity on potential returns
  • De-risking investment opportunities through communicating the investment lifecycle and increasing investor confidence
  • How to develop exit strategies that meet expected equity targets

Greg Harvey, CEO, Interflour

10:00 Morning Refreshments

Farmland Investment Opportunities and Strategies

10:45 Achieving maximum returns from farmland investments

  • Investing in farmland real estate for stable long term returns
  • Considering regional and global variances in your investment strategy
  • To operate or not to operate? Considerations for day-to-day farmland management – why operating was the best option for Macquarie and how the skills issue was resolved

Elizabeth O’Leary, Senior Managing Director: Head of Agriculture, Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets

11:15 Panel discussion: Future outlook for farmland investment

  • Where are the regions of opportunity?
  • How does this asset class differ to traditional investments?
  • Increasing prices and scarcity of higher grade, arable farmland
  • Values capitalisation rate
  • Creating parameters for measuring/ evaluating potential investments within the agri space
  • How can institutional investors be more active in directing spend within agri?
  • Exit strategies

Martin Robinson, Chairman, UK Agricultural Land Fund, Brooks Macdonald
Dr Prof Julian Voss, Member of the Supervisory Board of KTG Agrar SE
Nick Tapp, Chairman, Craigmore Sustainables

12:00 Networking Lunch

The Innovation Centre

This exciting session is an in-depth look into the latest innovations attracting investor attention.  Get a better understanding of how these innovations are shaping the future of the agri-investment landscape.   Gain a better understanding of how critical investment decisions are being made.  Learn what the pros and cons are of investing in different types of upcoming technologies, and get key insight into what investment mechanisms you should be considering.  This will be achieved though our unique and exciting format.

13:15 Unicorn companies – How to find them; how to invest in them and what to know about the investment lifecycle

  • Investment mechanisms (crowd funding/ private equity/ and the government agenda)
  • Evaluating potential uptake from the farming community
  • Working with research and development and academia to ensure that the need is meet

Farhad Abasov, Chief Executive Officer, Allana Potash

14:00-15:00 Ready, set, go!  

Each of our chosen start-up companies have 15 minutes to pitch their innovative ideas to our panel of deciding investors, who will then give their thoughts on how they would make their investment decision.

This fast paced session will help you understand why some investments pose better opportunities than others and learn how the latest technologies  can help increase your efficiency, double your yield and ultimately your returns!  Plus find out what other investors are saying when it comes to agri-tech innovation.

  • Precision farming opportunities
  • Aquaculture
  • Bio logisitcs
  • Alternative proteins
  • Big data big returns

Moderator: Chris Dunkley, Chief Executive Officer, Rothamsted Centre for Research and Enterprise

15:00  Investment debate: Our panel of deciding investors discuss the investment potential of each start-up and their thought process behind their investment decision.

Greg Harvey, Chief Executive Officer, Interflour
Chris Dunkley, Chief Executive Officer, Rothamsted Centre for Research and Enterprise 
Farhad AbasovChief Executive Officer, Allana Potash

15:30 Case Study:  Deploying growth capital in global agri-tech

John Brubaker, Chief Executive Officer, Plant Impact

16:00 Chair’s wrap up and close of conference