Project Description

David Hightower

The Hightower Report

David Hightower is a founding principal of The Hightower Report, a commodity research and information firm specializing in high quality futures research and analysis for individual investors, brokers, commercial producers, farmers and end users.  The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (the world’s largest futures exchange) has sent Mr. Hightower to Europe, South America, India and China to promote Agricultural futures trading, to introduce electronic trading and to educate foreign governments and traders on advanced risk management techniques.

A keen eye on the complex interaction of the world markets insures that Mr. Hightower thoroughly examines the financial, agricultural and geopolitical situations around the globe.

Prior to the inception of The Hightower Report, Dave was the Director of Research at what was then the world’s largest commodity brokerage firm. In total he has over 30 years of experience in nearly every aspect of the futures industry.  Mr. Hightower is thoroughly versed in the complex interaction of the world markets and global businesses, and his closeness to the markets is evidenced in his direct and insightful analysis.