Project Description

Greg Harvey

Managing Director and CEO of Interflour Holdings

Since 2005, Greg Harvey has been the Managing Director and CEO of Interflour Holdings – one of the world’s largest grain processing companies. Interflour operates throughout South East Asia and Turkey – with over 1500 employees from 17 different nationalities. Interflour is headquartered in Singapore, and recognised as a leading company in the global industry.

From 22 years of hands on management experience in international agribusiness, he has a deep knowledge of the global strategies and trends that are determining the future of the food industry. Coupled with this is his enthusiasm for the potential for Australian agribusinesses in Asia as both suppliers and investors.

Throughout his career Greg has lived in Cairo, Hong Kong and Singapore, and conducted business in most of the world’s emerging markets. With that, he has keen insights into the corporate governance and management challenges that foreign investors must contend with from the perspective of both an Executive Director and Non-Executive Director.

Outside the private sector, Greg is the Chairperson of the Food Fortification Initiative (FFI). The FFI, based in Atlanta USA, is an alliance of private companies, international government and aid agencies, that seeks to alleviate birth defects and child malnutrition through the fortification of wheat flour, maize flour and rice with minerals and vitamins.

Greg is a graduate of the University of Western Australia, Monash University and INSEAD. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors – and a member of the Advisory Board of the Asia Business Centre for Curtin University.