Project Description

Rafael Aliaga

CEO, Man Agro S.A


Mr. Aliaga is a renowned referent in the agribusiness sector in Argentina. Since 1977, Mr. Aliaga established, advised and managed many companies dedicated to crop, beef and seed production. He was a partner with Estudio Aliaga Collazo y Asociados until 1992, a leading agribusiness advisory services firm based in Argentina.

Mr. Aliaga established MAN AGRO S.A. in 1995, a company that over the last five crop seasons, planted seven different crops in nearly 50,000 hectares/year in Argentina. In addition, he established together with several partners Agropecuaria El Carbón S.A. in 2009, an important marginal land irrigation project in the north of Patagonia (Argentina), where he also serves as President of the Board of Directors.

Mr. Aliaga is an Agricultural Engineer from Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has participated as a lecturer in several agribusiness conferences for the Association of Farmers for No-Till Production of Argentina (AAPRESID), among others, and as a member of the Board of Directors of AAPRESID and MAIZAR (Argentine Corn Association).